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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 23, 2013, 2:47 PM
Miso's Journal

I pretty much just blog about things

Just gonna blow through some updates here so lets get this goin shall we.

okay so I swallowed bleach a few days ago because I am REALLY unaware of my surroundings and I accidentally sprayed it near my coke can and on the counters near my food and stuff. I am doing better now but I am still sleepy as all hell and getting over stomach pains and jumping right into my period pains.

My mom and dad are getting a divorce. Now, this is a REALLY good thing. My parents HATE eachother okay. 20 years of fighting and shit. SO that's going down too but my mom is making everything difficult because she likes being in misery and bringing other down with her.

I have been drawing on paper lately too!! Which I am really proud of because I don't normally do that anymore! But since my tablet is reaching her prime I have been trying to use her less so I don't ruin her or overheat her too much.

I am saving up for a new one, and I have a lot of stuff to sell in order to get it! This includes doing adoptables at my own pace instead of the 30 day challenge because I get too sick to do these kinds of things. 

I did a commission for someone recently and due to the fact they no longer like my style, the want a refund. So i'm sorry if I throw adoptables out first, I need to pay them back and all the money I got already got sent to the bank (Seeing as that kinda was the whole reason I took commissions in the first place.) So please bare with me on that one...

I'm MOVING! We are going to be moving soon hopefully, not sure where since we are still looking for places. But I might either go live by my moirail or my sister. We aren't sure but money is tight and I have been doing a lot around the house and stuff so dad works all the time. Which pretty much includes starving a lot unless my friend buys me pizza. Having no money sucks.

I have canvases now as well and plan to be painting those. My neighbor gave them to me for free since she heard I like to paint and I am very greatful. They are really beautiful I must say. I can't wait to paint them! I MIGHT sell the product but please bare, they will be expensive since these things are huge . 

Thanks for reading and yeah this is my life right now. I haven't drawn anything serious in a while but I will try and finish things and I am so sorry for those who have had to wait so long I really feel bad and I hate myself for making you all stand on end...


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Iiwi Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm sorry to hear you accidentally swallowed bleach man -A-! Please take care I wouldn't want you getting sicker.
and..I'm sad to hear about the divorce going through even though it's a change of pace type of thing I'm glad you aren't to bothered with it,because that can really cause turmoil in a family.

I'm glad to hear that good things are happening to you though in light of all this! This is good, so at least this isn't seeming like an unfortunate thing happening behind each other in a series of events that would make it really sad.

did I already suggest trying to do some side jobs like babysitting, mowing people's lawn, taking out old peeps trash, becoming a maid for someone every once in a while?? I can't remember and this is really bad XD;;..If I already suggested a job and these things forgive me somethings been up with my memory lately.

Ahh don't hate yourself.
Just, keep pushing yourself to do the best that you can in a time frame that you can do.
We understand your situation and that your not making an excuse, so just keep trying and we will understand and forgive you because you actually are working on methods to get it done instead of just sitting there saying oh well, can't do it.
Misomei Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah i feel much better Y w Y been eating and everything lately and I can drink milk again its great!

Honestly the divorce should have happened YEARS ago but they blamed me for staying together. They fought every day and told me they hated me every day and now they aren't together and my dad is happy and its going great I am really happy honestly. My mom keeps trying to ruin it for me and stressing me out but I'm trying to get over it.. C:

We don't have much grass down in AZ in the summers xD and if we do its all really well kept by the city so I can't mow lawns and then other teenagers take babysitting so I have been applying to work and stuff but I need a car first~ I have to wait for dad to buy his new car and then I get to use the old truck.

Iiwi Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm glad you are feeling much much better ;A; I dun like when I hear about people in really sad times. It hurts my heart because I can only reach you over the internet and it's my only connection with you.

Egad..that's not cool....I hope you don't take it to heart.....well....I guess they wanted to stay together for your sake? that's kind of what parents do but to blame you? I don't think is right.


Oh okay! WELL I WISH you well in that, oh AZ your right it doesnt get really..grassy down there. -A-! mmmyeah. well I'M ALWAYS ROOTING for you. I LIKE YA! so I wish you the best even if i didn't like you.

Your just cool beans.
I'm just fickle but don't mind me.
//SHARES hotpocket with
animatedastronaut Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013
I'm happy that stuff's going so good for you!
BotaniRaver Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Also sorry about your mom, and the commissioner D= I can't believe someone could not love your style. Your style is so fantabulous ;;n;;
BotaniRaver Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad things are doing better for you sweetie <333 So happy to hear the bleach accident was nothing permanent D= that's scary!
Ohhh show us what you don on canvas! <33 I love canvas paintings, and I love doing them, though I rarely post what my results are here X3
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