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✚ Misomei ✚

| Miso | 20 | Scorpio | Digital Artist |

Yo! Names Ringo, you can call me Miso! I can't really describe myself so go ahead and talk to me~ I'm pretty bad at starting conversations but I will try if I think you will too!

uhhh I cuss a lot sometimes. I'm getting better about it tho!


✚ FAQ ✚

♫What kind of tablet do you use? ♫
I use a wacom bamboo fun medium normally. Right now I'm using my friends Bamboo capture.

♫What Programs do you use?
I use Paint tool SAI, No I do not know where you can get it for free. Buy it on the site or find a friend to pirate it! I don't give mine out to random people who ask.

♫Are you open for commissions? ♫
I'm typically always open since I don't get much~ Check my art status to see my slots and go Here to check my prices! New things are added each day and sometimes my prices go up, so get em while they're cheap!

♫Do you take requests?
Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope nope NOOOOOOPPPEEEEEEE. I'm already bad at just finishing commissions on time. Unless your a friend whom i care for dearly I prolly wont do requests for anyone.

♫Do you take art trades? ♫
Not right now unless I ask for them or it's a friend Y w Y

♫Can I be your friend? ♫
Can't just /be/ someones friend all of a sudden. Gotta work for it.

♫How do you draw so well!??! ♫
Sycra Is this amazing artist who teaches fundamentals and other basic tools to learn to draw in any style! Check him out!

♫ How long does it take you to finish a piece?♫
It can take me anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks depending on the work I am doing and how much detail I am putting into it. Typically commissions take longer because I get worried I am portraying the character wrong and end up sketching it 400 times over~

♫ How do you make stickers?
I have this thingy I bought from walmart for 20 bucks, and you put the little paper in and then turn the knob on the side and boom. Stickers. Idk how else to explain it, its still magic to even me * u * I use tape as a lamination for it because it works better with paper back Y w Y

♫How do you make things transparent?♫
I use two different SAI programs, one has a feature to make images transparent. I can't use photoshop on my laptop for some reason so I have to stick with that. C:

♫What inspired you most to draw?♫
I watched a lot of anime as a child because of my cousin, and watching Hayao Miyazaki made me really want to pursue art! My aunt was a hobby painter and she would take me to art Museums and still sends me books on artists to look at and stuff. It's the only thing I'm good at so i feel I should keep trying to get better~


:iconlovarei::iconhostilecobalt::iconkittonii: :icongruusome:


When would be a good time to start thinking about moving in with your new significant other? How long is too long for waiting? 

6 deviants said Answer in the comments!! You wont be judged and there is no wrong answer, I may ask you to elaborate but that's it.
3 deviants said Probably going to be asking these things a lot the next few weeks while I do some stuff uwu answer honestly, your opinions are very much appreciated and needed thank you!


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